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3:42 PM

I’ll make you break up with your boyfriend 

11:47 AM

Do you ever wonder whether or not you have some sort of mental disorder and everyone around you has been told to treat you normally?


Jedi Mind Tricks
4:27 PM

inside of us there exists a permanent Vision that exists solely for the comfort of Death. this Vision could be anything, it could be an image in your mind, a color, a tangible feeling that summons itself freely. Vision in this context isn’t tied down to something perceptible with the eye, it goes further and beyond, however, it can be just something you see with your minds eyes. but i feel like everyone has it and when you see it you feel liberated from death and this Vision is what you should seek with your life, and that is how life will unfold for you and death will regain a balanced comfort. 

4:46 PM

poems are the lightest weight of Love 

2:59 AM

Mysterious with mists of draughts,
To keep tender leafy hazelnuts
In my gourd of yellow sweat
- Tongueless screen!
As dew-dank manes
Through an ice gold scalp.

1:31 PM

and if I am still in your mind when you’re sober, let me know. 

guess who has to go to work now? guess who has a really early shift? 
Anonymous: who are your favorite hiphop artists?

Cage, Redman, Young Zee, Big L, the Outsidaz, Ratking/Wiki, Jay Electronica, Jay-Z, Joey Bada$$, Bishop Nehru, Kendrick Lamar, Canibus, DOOM, Gravediggaz, Jedi Mind Tricks, Keith Murray, Mad Skillz, Mos Def, Nas, Rhyme Asylum 

Anonymous: It probably doesn't matter to you but you're super gorgeous :)

beautiful stranger