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2:04 PM

the crush is real when u’v memorized their username 

lemme sing love songs to u 
12:58 PM

alright so this guy was texting me and he told me his favorite song was  Lose Yourself by Eminem, then he sent me the lyrics of the first verse:

yow, yow these palms ar sweaty make me arms already there vomit on the sweater already your moms spagety he’s nerves but on the civic he looks calm already to drop bams but he keeps on forgettting what he wrote down the hole crow go so load he opens he’s mother but the word won’t call out he’s choking now everybody is choking now times up over crown smack back to reality up goes the gravity up goes humility ant ya better get a move on hoe sings the still off the music the moaning eve let it go u only ones in a life time yow - eminem

bruh r u kiddin me 

3:31 PM

this guy came to talk to me and came right against my face and before he spoke i said “get the fuck away from my face, buddy” and then he didnt even talk to me

3:33 PM
11:31 AM

just a young boy known for his indifference and vulgar language 

11:30 AM

popularity disgusts me 

it might not seem like it, but i DO have a neck 
4:36 PM

God I love girls with thick hips and thighs

tumblr is bananas