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2:59 AM

Mysterious with mists of draughts,
To keep tender leafy hazelnuts
In my gourd of yellow sweat
- Tongueless screen!
As dew-dank manes
Through an ice gold scalp.

1:31 PM

and if I am still in your mind when you’re sober, let me know. 

2:02 PM

be my online girlfriend

guess who has to go to work now? guess who has a really early shift? 
Anonymous: who are your favorite hiphop artists?

Cage, Redman, Young Zee, Big L, the Outsidaz, Ratking/Wiki, Jay Electronica, Jay-Z, Joey Bada$$, Bishop Nehru, Kendrick Lamar, Canibus, DOOM, Gravediggaz, Jedi Mind Tricks, Keith Murray, Mad Skillz, Mos Def, Nas, Rhyme Asylum 

11:44 AM

I get such a fucking rush when i meet a girl who loves hiphop as much as i do and we like the same artists 

Anonymous: It probably doesn't matter to you but you're super gorgeous :)

beautiful stranger 

fuck patti smith 
11:45 AM

okay so im gonna compile my poems into a collection in 1 book, release it and then im giving up writing 

3:33 PM
IV. Conversion

I glimpsed into a Well of Life.
I hold damnation, I hold wishes, I hold generosity - all of which are glaciers along this burning Ghostly palm. Aching, impassioned white limbs
In virginity’s sleep and white bodies along the boarders of mouths which hit eternal flesh keys for salvation!
I hold salvation, happiness, goodness, sanctuary, I laugh! no poet lives to see the Beauty of Hell as trunks of strength,
songs, nobility, knighthood, Hearts and teeth are but whispers amidst the fabulous drowning Opera of my Supremacy.
I hold the fury in fleshly white bodies and the furious blood of Kings and sulphuric Saints and I damn them to an eternity of peasant wanderings blind fumbles
As was sewn deeply with genes and hallucinogenic terrapins and flaming needles from the Eyes of the Lake of Fire into my spirit, which corrodes,
Ever so slowly in solemn unsure Solipsism.
It is this to which I am a Slave!
As pieces of a gold struck beating Heart evaporates willingly and merrily from my chest and erect like Fear into the clouds of a Devil and appear in Satan’s chest, I feel weightless,
With the burdens of a century of religious re-enactments and coersive unnatural light stripped of silver
Just die in cascading dimly lit baptisms of lost youth and ever more drowned adulthood and dead mule manhood.
My hallucinations are everywhere! I have held dreams upon my palm and painted them everywhere in Hell!
A sanity, a month of crowned damnation, I have had enough of this! No terror too small - some incarcerated psychosis, a remote sadness, the tiniest bit of madness
Like emblems strewn proudly with an interior of sullen terror just to prove to Demons - I still exist!